Music by Marco Santiago


Everything in Life Winds On Down (Vocal)

Marco Santiago
Marco Santiago


This song is a reminder to myself to not wait around for the "right time" to do "that thing" I really want to do, not to get stuck doing something I really don't want to do, to be accessible to and interested in the people and happenings around me, but not to hang out with people who don't really care. Time is passing too fast and life is just too damn short.


Driving down the highways,

Passing through another town,

Ignoring all the peoples,

Never plan to stay around.


Chasing ghosts and heroes,

Running from tears and fears,

Blind to all that's happening,

Never letting anyone near.




Where are you going?

What are you going to do?

Where are you heading?

Are you just passing through?



Wasting all that's given,

And giving nothing back,

Not feeling love or forgiven,

Or really knowing where you're at.


You've got to stop and look around you,

'Cause the road goes on and on,

But you won't be forever,

Everything in life winds on down.




(Musical Bridge)


(Repeat Second Verse)


(Chorus and Repeats)